Steel yourself. Don’t feel it.
Hide yourself. Don’t show it.
Swallow. Submerge it.
Be less. Be self aware.
Drown the passion.
Tamp the excitement.
Don’t feel the high.
So you don’t feel the low.
Abandon the romance.
Face reality.

My journey began with the #IFeel series of paintings, which came into existence because I wanted to let myself feel. In a world where women have to curb their self to be one thing or the other, and still somehow be authentic, these paintings tell my story, tell the snippets, the sagas, the anecdotes, the dreams and the nightmares. With these paintings I not only say how I feel, but also start the journey of accepting how I feel. Also, there's nothing more cathartic than throwing paint on a canvas. 

With my #MeToo series, I'm standing up with other women who are telling their story, getting ready to tell their story or are unable to tell their story—I stand with all of them, the victims, the targets, the survivors. To eliminate gender inequality we need more women in high positions in politics, the corporate world, everywhere. We need role models that we can be inspired by and learn from. My #Optimism series of paintings are simply there to make the viewer (and the painter) smile and believe in a future that is bright, colorful and full of energy.


Amulya is the bestselling author of seven novels, including The Copenhagen Affair, A House for Happy Mothers and others. She also works as a communication director for a medical device company. In her spare time, she indulges her passion for throwing paint on canvas to express the day, the month, the year, the instant. All proceeds from painting sales go to fund ACLU or Kriti Social Initiatives.